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Amnesia Lane: Halloween Pumpkin Carving: Gateway to Mass Murder

Yeah, it’s almost December and we’re just now putting this into the AMNESIA LANE chute.  Don’t care.  READ IT!  Who wouldn’t want to read about Roode’s pumpkin carving inadequacies?


FWTC Amnesia Lane: A Girl, Her Whisky, and an Irish Holiday

Lest we forget:

FWTC Amnesia Lane:  A Girl, Her Whisky, and an Irish Holiday

P.S.  We are obliged to publish Ren’s emergency article in case we don’t see her again after this year’s Saint Patrick Day’s shenanigans.

FWTC Amnesia Lane: Company Mascots We Want to Send on a Death March

It’s time to re-visit Roode’s complete and utter hatred of marketing mascots.

FWTC Amnesia Lane: The Weather Channel: 27 Years of Strangely Fascinating Personalities

Step in the way-back machine for this classic that actually tells you more about us than it does about the Weather Channel.


FWTC Amnesia Lane : Facebook: The Slum Lords of Social Media

It seems like only yesterday we flat-out refused to let Ren write for us.  Now, we don’t have a choice.

Amnesia Lane→  Facebook:  The Slum Lords of Social Media

September 3, 2009