Can I use your stuff:

Yes and no.  FWTC appreciates the exposure our readers can give.  But, with all intellectual property, we hold the rights and licensing to the content.  We are registered with Creative Commons Licensing and provide our copyright information on each page.  Essentially, all we are asking for is the proper credit.  Use any of our shit and your ass better cite FWTC and the source link.

Can I submit articles/stories?

Eh, kinda.  It’s true we have a small stockpile of guest writers, but we’ve personally selected/conscripted them.  But, in an effort to better tap the infinite, yet scary resources of the Internet, we’re open to suggestions.  For the moment, your best bet will be to drop us a line on our FaceBook page.  Please note:  just because you submit or suggest something doesn’t mean it’s going to see the light of day.  Nor does it mean you’re part of the writing staff.  It definitely doesn’t mean you’re getting paid.  We don’t get paid, so why should you?  We’ll do our best to give credit where credit is due.  Sending us your shit means you are relinquishing all rights AND accept that FWTC isn’t bound to give you a damn thing in return.

Why don’t you use real names?

Well, we labor under the delusion that our private and professional lives should be separate. Some authors will use their real names.  Most of the regular writing staff doesn’t.

Are the stories true?

When not fruitlessly writing lists we’ll write about some aspect of our lives.  There’s a foundation of truth in every article.  Of course, there is embellishment for parody’s sake.  Except for Ren.  Unfortunately all 0f her shit is true.

Where is your headquarters?

Um, nowhere.  FWTC exists through a few branch offices (home computers).  We  currently have writers from/in: Alberta,  London, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Delaware, and, occasionally, Ancient Rome.

Who are the main writers?

Tresckow, Adel, Roode, and Ren.

How did you guys get together?

A series of tragic circumstances.

Is Ren a real person?

All too real.

How often do new articles get published?

Typically on a weekly basis.  It doesn’t always work out that way.  Everyone, except Tresckow, has real lives that get in the way of producing internet gold.  So, a couple of weeks may go without an update.  Don’t bitch.  We’ve heard enough bitching.

I found a typo/syntax error.  Who do I tell?

Fuck you.

Which reader letters get used in the mail bag articles?

That really depends on which writer is responding to them.  Adel will choose carefully.  Roode just takes the first 10 he sees.  It’s sort of a random process.

Weren’t you on Google blogs?

We were.  Now we’re not.  We weren’t completely happy with the resources.  Also, most of the staff is convinced that Google does some shady and retarded shit to user  blogs.  In any event, we pulled up stakes and moved to WordPress.  The next step will be to buy a hunk of our own Interwebs real estate.





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